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Spelling winners will compete at state contest in September

Posted on: May 30, 2018

This month, some of the best spellers in the district moved up the ranks to earn a chance to compete at the statewide level. After the district and county competitions, two students from GAPS earned the chance to compete at the Oregon Statewide Spelling Championship in Salem on Sept 1.

The winners are Paige Rogers from Memorial Middle School and Kate Looney from West Albany High School.

Both students won the district spelling competition for their grade levels. Read the press release from Linn County Spelling Coordinator Kaynor Heineck.

Congratulations to the other GAPS students who competed. The following students had top two finishes:


1st Place: Gabriella  Kesinger, 4th grade, Timber Ridge
2nd Place: Logan Falotico, 5th grade, Liberty Elementary

Middle School:

1st Place: Paige Rogers, 8th grade, Memorial Middle School
2nd Place: Caroline Gao, 7th grade, North Albany Middle School

High School:

1st Place: Kate Looney, 12th grade, West Albany High School
2nd Place: Jonah Willard, 11th grade, West Albany High School

Elementary School spelling winners.Middle School spelling winners.High School spelling winners.

Los ganadores de ortografía competirán en el concurso a nivel estatal en el mes de septiembre.

Este mes, algunos de los mejores deletreadores en el distrito subieron de categoría para tener la oportunidad de competir a nivel estatal. Después de las competencias del distrito y del condado, dos estudiantes de GAPS obtuvieron la oportunidad de competir en el Campeonato de Deletreo Estatal de Oregon, en Salem el 1° de septiembre.

Las ganadoras son Paige Rogers de la secundaria Memorial Middle School y Kate Looney de la preparatoria West Albany High School.

Ambas estudiantes ganaron la competencia de deletreo del distrito, para sus respectivos niveles de grado. Lea el comunicado de prensa de la Coordinadora de Ortografía del condado de Linn, Sra. Kaynor Heineck.

Felicitaciones a los otros estudiantes de GAPS que compitieron. Los siguientes estudiantes obtuvieron los dos mejores lugares:

1er puesto: Gabriella Kesinger, 4to grado, Timber Ridge
2do puesto: Logan Falotico, 5to grado, Liberty Elementary

1er puesto: Paige Rogers, 8vo grado, Memorial Middle School
2do puesto: Caroline Gao, 7mo grado, North Albany Middle School

1er puesto: Kate Looney, 12vo grado, West Albany High School
2do puesto: Jonah Willard, 11vo grado, West Albany High School

Lisa Harlan selected for GAPS assistant superintendent position

Posted on: May 25, 2018

Greater Albany Public Schools recently selected Albany resident Lisa Harlan for the assistant superintendent position. The post is currently held by Tonja Everest, who will assume superintendent duties at the Linn Benton Lincoln ESD on July 1.

Harlan was offered the position after an extensive application process. Her official appointment is pending School Board approval at its June 4 meeting.

“A very rigorous hiring process revealed that Lisa is all about kids,” said Everest. “The committee was impressed with her passion, practical decision-making and authentic communication style. They also appreciated her deep knowledge in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and behavior,” she said.

Harlan is currently the Director of Elementary Education for Salem-Keizer Public Schools. She brings bilingual skills and extensive experience in educational leadership. She has taught high school and middle school Spanish at Corvallis High School and Western View Middle School. She has served as a middle school assistant principal at Linus Pauling Middle School, a middle school principal at Cheldelin Middle School and an elementary principal at Lincoln Elementary Dual Language School in Corvallis. She has also been a Director of School Improvement for the Oregon Department of Education.

Harlan earned her B.A. in Education from Western Oregon University, her M.Ed. From University of Oregon, and her administrative licensure from Portland State University.

Harlan is an Albany resident with children in GAPS schools. Upon accepting the offer for the position, she said, “I am so glad to serve a district that has served my family so well.”

La Sra. Lisa Harlan fue seleccionada para la posición de Asistente Superintendente del Distrito de las Escuelas Públicas de Greater Albany

Las Escuelas Públicas de Greater Albany, recientemente seleccionó a la residente deAlbany Sra. Lisa Harlan, para la posición de Asistente Superintendente. El cargo actualmente lo ocupa la Sra. Tonja Everest, quien asumirá sus obligaciones como superintendente de Linn Benton Lincoln ESD el 1° de julio. A la Sra. Harlan se le ofreció el puesto después de un extenso proceso de contratación. Su nombramiento oficial está pendiente de la aprobación de la Mesa Directiva en su junta del 4 de junio.

Un proceso de contratación muy riguroso reveló que Lisa se enfoca en los niños", dijo la Sra. Everest. "El comité quedó impresionado con su pasión, su toma de decisions práctica y su auténtico estilo de comunicación. También apreciaron su profundo conocimiento en las áreas de planes de estudio, instrucción y comportamiento", dijo. La Sra. Harlan es actualmente la Directora de Educación Primaria de las Escuelas Públicas del Distrito Salem-Keizer. Ella aporta habilidades bilingües y una amplia experiencia en liderazgo educativo. Ella ha enseñado español en la preparatoria y secundaria en la preparatoria Corvallis High School y escuela secundaria Western View Middle School. Ella se ha desempeñado como subdirectora de la secundaria en la escuela secundaria Linus Pauling Middle School, directora de la escuela secundaria Cheldelin Middle School y como directora de la escuela primaria de idioma dual Lincoln Elementary School en Corvallis. Ella también ha sido Directora de Mejoramiento Escolar para el Departamento de Educación de Oregon.

La Sra. Harlan obtuvo su grado de bachiller (B.A) en el área de la Educación en la universidad “Western Oregon University”, su grado de master en Educación en la  universidad “University of Oregon”, y su licenciatura administrativa en la Universidad “Portland State University”.

La Sra. Harlan reside en Albany con niños en las escuelas de GAPS. Al aceptar la oferta para el puesto, ella dijo: "Estoy muy contenta de servir a un distrito que ha servido tan bien a mi familia.”

NAMS choir to perform at Carnegie Hall next May

Posted on: May 21, 2018

North Albany Middle School will have the only choir from this part of the country at a Carnegie Hall school performance next May.

The school program, directed by LeAnn Wind, was selected based on music skills they demonstrated through and audition recording.

Students will begin fundraising for the trip this summer.

Read more in the Democrat-Herald.

Middle School Track Highlights

Posted on: May 15, 2018

The last district middle school track meet was May 10. The four middle schools competed on the West Albany High school track.

The track program is a popular GAPS middle school athletic sport. This season, more than 300 athletes participated from all four GAPS middle schools.

More photos are posted on Facebook.

Student All-Stars: North Albany Middle School

Posted on: May 9, 2018

At the first annual GAPS Student All-Stars Celebration, the School Board honored outstanding students from each school. Students were nominated by school staff and introduced by the school principal.

North Albany Middle School All-Stars are: 

Grace Nealy

G- Gives all of her effort on EVERYTHING she does. I have never seen her not try her absolute hardest in ALL areas of school, sports, drama, etc.

R- Radiates positivity and joy. Her bright smile in the morning always makes her teachers and classmates have a more wonderful day by just being in the same room.

A-  Academic Excellence: she has no weakness- I think she may be an undercover superhero.

C- Creativity that is effortless. She thinks concretely and abstractly, performs in the drama productions, MC of the talent show, and her academic work always exhibits out of the box thinking and questions.

E- Excellence in all aspects of life. Not only does she win the award for most fashionable in the 8th grade, but she also excels in competitive volleyball and gives much her time to her team, which she balances between perfect grades and citizenship.

Selena Diviney

G is for green. Everyday Selena is head to toe in her favorite color and she never strays. That self confidence is unique in the middle school and her teachers applaud Selena for being true to who she is.

R Resourceful. Selena uses what is around her to make the best decision possible.

E Everything. Selena is good at everything. She excels at science and math but is an incredible artist. She wants to go to culinary school but the truth is she could be anything she wants.  She is an avid reader and goes through books faster than I can recommend them.

E Excellence. Selena never does work for just the sake of doing it. She puts 100% into everything she does and goes the extra distance. She never settles, she refuses to let those around her settle.

N nice. Selena is kind to everyone with no exceptions. She has a witty and fun sense of humor that is a delight to hear.