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This is the transcript from the school messenger call on January 6, 2017.

Hi NAMS families, this is Jon Dilbone calling to share some important information with you.

We are going to be starting our state testing in April and I need to let you know a few things about the tests. All students will be tested in English language arts and math, the eighth grade students will also be tested in science. The current tests focus on critical thinking and solving complex problems along with some general knowledge questions. All the testing is done on the computer and will be conducted during each subject’s class time.  Traditionally NAMS students have done well on the tests and I expect that trend will continue.  The tests helps to show how student’s progress over time and how we are doing as a school, so I encourage everyone to have their students take the tests. It is good practice because students are required to pass these tests at the 11th grade benchmark in order to graduate from high school. Taking tests like these will also help students to prepare for the SAT and the ACT which are used for college admission. The state requires us to test a minimum of 95% of the students, with that said the state has created a way to opt out of the English language arts and the math tests, the science test has a different procedure to opt out. If you are planning to opt out your student, the forms are available on the district website,, under the parent tab. If you have any question or concerns, please stop in and speak with me or give me a call at 541-967-4541.

On a lighter note, please check out the school webpage to get a glimpse of what has been going on the last few weeks. The URL is

Thursday was a horrible day for dropping off students, with the traffic being backed up from the light basically all the way back to the light. I think there was an issue with the light, but today went a lot better. Just a few reminders, Students should be ready to get out of the car as you are making the turn into the parking lot in front of the school. We drop off students from the flag pole back to the bike cage in the first lane only. We are trying to keep everyone safe. Please be patient and kind to your fellow parents. When we can empty 7 cars at a time the line moves quickly. Thank you so much for your help in making the dropping off of students safe and efficient for everyone.

I am going to share some upcoming dates to remember with you as we are approaching the end of the first semester.

  • Monday January 16 is Martin Luther King day and all schools will be closed.
  • Wednesday January 18 at 7 in the school library is the next PTO meeting.
  • Thursday January 19 at 7 in the cafeteria is the winter drama production.
  • Saturday January 21 is the annual Jazz Festival.
  • Friday January 27 is the last day of the first semester.
  • Monday and Tuesday January 30 & 31 students will not be in school for the end of the semester.

For a complete calendar of school activities please go to our website and click on calendar. The URL is

So far this winter we have missed three days due to weather and who knows if we will have more. If you have not yet signed up for flash alert please do so. It has been past practice in this district to make up the day missed due to weather, so I am expecting that we will be making these days up. The first possible make up day on the calendar is Monday, February  20 and I am expecting that we will be in school that day.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this whole message. It was long but the information is important for you to have.

Have a great weekend!